What is the difference between PowerShell and Command Prompt?

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The Windows PowerShell command line environment and programming language is much more powerful than the Windows Command Prompt and provides a useful command line environment for Windows system administrators.

PowerShell is much more complex than the traditional Command Prompt, but at the same time more powerful.

Command Prompt is significantly weaker than the command line environments of other operating systems such as Linux or Unix-based systems, but PowerShell easily competes with the command line of other platforms.

Many system administrations, from registry management to Windows tool management, are available through PowerShell cmdlets, but these commands cannot be done with Command Prompt.

Unfortunately, the Command Prompt is very limited and cannot access many of the Windows management features, and it is difficult to write complex commands with it.

PowerShell allows Windows system administrators to use a more modern command line environment to better manage Windows.

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