Fix Server Response Time problem

Fix Server Response Time problem

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What is Server Response Time?

When you enter your site address in the browser, The request will be sent to you from the web server, The server responds to your request, The time your request was submitted and the first bytes your browser received (TTFB) And the site starts to load, called Response Time.

Obviously, the longer this time is shorter, The faster your site loads and the faster the site loads, Will bring visitor satisfaction, If your site loads too fast, Visitors will probably drop out of your site.

Google considers Server Response Time less than 200 ms.

How to reduce Server Response Time?

1. Reduce resources used

The lower the CSS and Javascript on the page, the faster the load will increase And you will have less pressure on the server.

2. CSS integration

It is recommended to increase the site speed by combining CSS files.

3. Javascript integration

Just like CSS, All Javascript files can be merged And you can convert them all into one file.

4. Use Lazy load or delay loading photos

Postponing photos or using Lazy load technology will make full-screen loading before loading large, heavy images, which means higher site load speeds.

5. Use small CSS and small scripts inline

6. Minify pages and scripts

Why is choosing the right host so important in these circumstances?

Having the right host is one of the most important things to keep in mind when launching a site, the right host has a great impact on how long your site is loading.

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