Introducing the Caddy Web Server

Introducing the Caddy Web Server

Introducing the Caddy Web Server

In this section of the Encyclopedia Articles, we will serve you with the introduction of the Caddy Web Server.Caddy, known in the internet world as Caddy Webserver, is an open source web server that supports HTTP / 2 by default, coded in the Go environment, and uses the default Go libraries. Caddy was welcomed by many people around the world at the start of the show, and to the point where it’s been five years, It has been downloaded and installed more than 20,000 times and has attracted users’ attention, with up to 4,500 stars currently registered on GitHub.

Caddy Web Server license

The company has provided its license in three different ways.

  1. Personal
  2. Small-Scale Commercial
  3. Large-Scale commercial

Benefits and Features of Caddy Web Server:

All websites running on this web server will be Reverse Proxy serviced as well as in Load Balancer mode in addition to normal service. Most of these web servers feature Middleware, which means they are only in direct contact with the caddy configuration file.

The benefits you will get when using a Caddy web server are as follows.

  • HTTP / 1.1 support and default HTTP / 2 support
  • Assigning security certificates to websites
  • Support for TLS 1.2 and earlier
  • Virtual hosting on one port
  • Static file service
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6
  • Quick Restart and Rayload Web Server
  • Reverse Proxy support
  • Load balancing and ongoing health testing
  • FastCGI Proxy support
  • Gzip support
  • Complete redirect with different methods
  • File Search
  • And many other benefits

Also, at the end of the Introducing the Caddy Web Server, you should know that any website that launches on Caddy uses HTTPS by default and receives a free security certificate such as the Cloudflare service.

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