Linux login without entering password

Linux login without entering password

Linux login without entering password, In this post we want to teach you how to log in to Linux without entering a password.

Tutorial Linux login without entering password

To do this, first run the “sudo visudo” command to open the “sudoers” file, now add the following line to the end of the file:


By adding this line to the sudoers file, the user can execute commands that need to be executed with the root user access level without entering his own password, For example commands like chmod or ifconfig and so on. Naturally you have to enter the username you want instead of username. Now save the file and exit. Now you need to delete your user account password, because you want your user to login without having to login:

sudo passwd -d “whoami”

If this does not work, run the following command, but instead of whoami you should write the username:

# sudo passwd -d username

Enter username instead of username. I tested this method on various Linux distributions and found out. This method definitely works on Linux that use LightDM.

How to Login Linux VPS Server without enter password

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