21 Most Used Commands in SSH and Linux

21 Most Used Commands in SSH and Linux

In this section, we will look at 21 Most Used Commands in SSH and Linux.

Most Common Used Commands in SSH and Linux

Here are some simple but commonly used commands in ssh:

1) cd folder : Go to the destination folder

2) cd~ : Go to the home directory

3) cd.. : Navigate to a higher level folder

4) pwd: Show full path of current folder

5) ls : Lists all folders and files in a folder

6) cp file newfile : Copy and rename file

7) cp file directory/file : Copy file to another folder

8) mv file directory/file : Move a file to another folder completely

9) mv directory1/ alldirectory : Move one folder to another

10) /mv directory.. : Move a folder to a higher level

11) rm file1 : Delete a file

12) rm* : Delete all files within a folder

13) Extension rm.* : Delete all files with special extension

14) mkdir directoryname : Build a directory

15) chmod permission filename : Change the access level of a file

Example: chmod 777 config.php

16) chown owner:owner filename : Change the owner of a file

Example: chown admin:admin config.php

17) wget filename : Download URL

18) w : See the server load in a moment

19) top : View server loads continuously

20) exit : Exit the application environment

21) grep [text] [filename] : Search for a text in a specific file

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