About Us

ElderNode a fast-growing Web Hosting Industry services provider. We offer a wide range of services, including Windows VPS, Linux VPS, Hosting VPS and SSD Servers.

Our History

ElderNode was originally founded in 2018 By 2 friends united by a goal – a dream to globalize and attract clients from all over the borderless world.


We think that in these recent times of rapid changes flexibility is of very high importance. Every and each client‘s needs are very different, therefore the services can be customized and adapted to individual needs.

Constant improvement

Everyday, we try to learn something new about our customers and improve our services. We believe that learning every day and aiming for endless advancement is the key to success.

Unity in the borderless world

Our services and always-there customer support is available anywhere, anytime, to anyone.

Open and honest communication

We believe that positive relationship between customer and provider is crucial for mutual benefit, so we‘re considering your feedback to be of the highest importance. That is also why our customer support professionals are available and ready to help you 24/7.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide top-grade services tailored to individual needs of each and every single client.

We Always Try To Understand Users Expectation

Our 10 server locations are spread all around the world with only one goal – to provide you with top quality services with literally no downtime.









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