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Buy Virtual Private Server or VPS is a virtual machine, which is offered to you as a service where you will have total access to install your favorite software and OSs, hosting your files and websites, running applications, and much more. Linux virtual private server, Windows virtual private server, RDP virtual private server.


Windows VPS

The high-speed and high-stability Windows VPS, suitable for personal use and hosting, is offered in a variety of applications tailored to the needs of users. Our Windows Virtual Servers come with the latest hardware technology, hardware resources, and Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019 operating systems depending on your needs and with the latest updates.

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Linux VPS

The high-speed and high-stability Linux VPS, suitable for personal use and Dedicated Web hosting, is offered in a variety of applications tailored to the needs of users. Our Linux Virtual Servers come with the latest hardware technology, hardware resources, and CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian operating systems depending on your needs and with the latest updates.

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Mikrotik VPS

Mikrotik operating system is one of the best routing operating systems that provide different and attractive use. Accordingly, you can provide a virtual server for Microtek and use features such as VPN setup, tunnel setup, proxy, etc. One of the most important points of our Mikrotik virtual server is its stability and high-speed connection, which brings a pleasant experience for our customers.

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RDP Admin Server

RDP Admin with fast connection and instant installation with high quality and remote desktop connection. You have access to the RDP Administrator and may install any program you want on the server. The RDP Admin service is available in more than 15 different locations.

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Why Virtual Server

Eldernode VPS Advantages

The most important advantages of Eldernode virtual servers

Dedicated resources

Dedicated resources

VPS resources are dedicated to each VPS so that users can experience the best quality

Full Access

Full Access

Full admin access to Linux and Windows operating systems without any restrictions

Cloud infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure

Thanks to the cloud infrastructure on all servers, the provision of services is faster

Buy Cheap virtual private server, If you need more features in managing your websites and root access for Linux server or administrator access for Windows server, Eldernode Virtual Servers can be your best partner in developing your business. Instant Virtual Private Server, With a virtual server you have the power of a dedicated server with the privacy and security you need for a much lower cost! Now you can buy a cheap VPS server in a matter of minutes!! It is easy and simple. You have the choice to select a virtual private server in more than 19 different locations. We offer all virtual machines on Turkey, Singapour, Hongkong, Japan, Australia, USA, Germany, Netherland, UK, France, Russia, Spain, Denmark and etc.... You can buy Linux VPS or Windows VPS online with all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, PerfectMoney or other digital currencies.

Powerful Infrastructure

The infrastructure of a network is one of the most important points that guarantees quality and quantity together. In all stages of providing services, ElderNode tries to strengthen its infrastructure in the best possible way by cooperating with the top data centers in the world.

For this reason, all servers that are intended to provide virtual server services use new and powerful generation processors, new generation RAMs, SSD hard drives with high redundancy to provide the best quality in providing virtual server services. In this regard, virtual servers are provided with a 1 Gigabit port to provide the best performance in the network and the Internet, and also to ensure the security of the server network, a firewall is used to prevent DDOS attacks, etc.

To provide better services to users, ElderNode virtual servers are offered in more than 20 different locations so that users can use the network and traffic of their desired country and provide the best services to their customers.



Direct Full Access

All ElderNode virtual servers have a dedicated IP address so that users can both connect directly to their server and can easily provide the services they want to their users. In addition to providing a dedicated IP to each of the virtual servers, ElderNode gives the customer the right to connect to their operating system with full access.

Linux virtual servers, after ordering and providing to users, will be accompanied by root access and root user information will be sent to users. With Root, you will be able to configure all the settings of your desired services or install new services on your virtual server.

Windows virtual servers are also provided with administrator access after ordering and presentation so that the users of this service have no restrictions in installing the desired software or configuring the services.



Customer orientation policy

The most important policy of Eldernode Company is customer orientation, and in this regard, ElderNode has considered services for its users to order easier and faster.

The payment policy in Eldernode is such that users can purchase the services they want in any currency. For this reason, users will not face any restrictions in the payment section and can pay for their desired services through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Lite Coin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, etc., or with a PayPal, Visa Card, Master card, and Perfect Money account.

On the other hand, ElderNode has activated the money-back service for all its virtual servers in case of customer dissatisfaction with the quality of the virtual server, so that if users are dissatisfied, they can request a refund within the first 7 days of using their service.



Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can easily use a virtual server like your host your site or like your own system pc.

Yes, Windows installation is also free and Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019 versions will be installed on the virtual server.

You can use the virtual server for greater security and speed for loading your sites or running applications that need more access.

Server delivery is done as fast as possible (10-20 minutes).

Support is available 24 hours a day and your requests will be processed as soon as possible.

High level support on all services
Offering diverse and needed services
Very reasonable costs and Updates to the Services

We are by your side every step of the way

Think about developing your online business; We will protect it compassionately

We are by your side every step of the way


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