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Buy Germany Dedicated servers, Germany dedicated servers are located in the top data centers of Berlin, Düsseldorf, Munich, and Frankfurt. Germany data centers use the latest technologies in the IT world, and all Eldernode racks in these data centers have powerful DDoS firewalls. It is important to know that all available dedicated servers are located in Germany data centers that use a powerful power monitoring system, liquid cooling system, and make users feel comfortable about providing the service. Germany dedicated servers have powerful Internet connection ports and it can be said that all users can use these servers for virtualization, website and application hosting as well as dedicated services.

PlansCPURamStoragePortBandwidthNumber of IPsMonthlyGet Now
ELDHV-G1E-2176G (3.7GHz/6 cores/12th)16GB480GB SSD1Gbps20TB5 IP$236.99Order
ELDHV-G2E3-1230 v6 (3.5GHz/4 cores/8 th)32GB960GB SSD1Gbps20TB5 IP$266.99Order
ELDHV-G32 x E5-2630 v3 (2.4GHz/16 cores/32 th)32GB480GB SSD1Gbps100TB5 IP$292.99Order
ELDOG-B2Core i5-3450 (3.1 GHz 4 cores)16 GB2x 1TB HDD or 2x 120 GB SSD1 Gbps20 TB1 IPOut of StockOrder
ELDOG-B3Core i7-4790K (4 GHz 4 cores)32 GB2x 1TB HDD or 2x 120 GB SSD1 Gbps20 TB1 IPOut of StockOrder
ELDOG-A1Core i5-9600K (3.7 GHz 6 Cores)32 GB2x 1TB HDD or 2x 120 GB SSD1 Gbps20 TB1 IPOut of StockOrder
ELDOG-A2Xeon E3-1270 v3 (3.5 GHz 4 cores)32 GB2x 1TB HDD or 2x 120 GB SSD1 Gbps20 TB1 IPOut of StockOrder

Cheap Germany Dedicated Server

The Dedicated Germany server Eldernode , introduced in the new generation, has the advantage that users only pay for the resources they need, and it is also possible to provide raid servers. It is possible to buy a dedicated Germany server in different operating systems(Windows, Linux) so that you can provide the service according to your specific needs. Eldernode Using completely new and advanced equipment and hardware and providing the highest quality dedicated Germany servers, it has prepared optimal and suitable conditions for various business owners to better host their site, software and applications.

Buy Germany Server with Bitcoin

You can buy Germany Dedicated Server with Bitcoin, One of our goals is to be able to provide the conditions for our users to receive services in the fastest way.

Therefore, for easier and faster shopping, we have included different payment terms for you that you can use through digital currency, Perfect Money and PayPal, etc. to pay for your orders.


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More information about Germany Dedicated servers

Bandwidth becomes zero at the beginning of each month and is unrelated to the server renewal date.

It is the responsibility of the user to make backup.

The Germany dedicated servers do not have refund.

FAQ About Germany Dedicated Server

After completing the order and payment steps, your server will be registered by us and will be delivered to you within 3 to 4 working days.

We offer CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, VMware ESXi Hypervisor (If the server supports) and etc...

Yes, during the ordering process, you can select your additional IPs request and Buy it

Eldernode will quickly replace any failed server component as quickly as we can.

Support is available 24 hours a day and your requests will be processed as soon as possible.

Germany Dedicated Server Customer Review

For me, the speed of the Germany dedicated server network was very important, and I was very satisfied with using it during these 4 months

Gary M.

Gary M.

The stability of Eldernode's dedicated server has been one of the most important points of this team, which is always satisfactory



My best choice in the last few years has been a dedicated German server that I currently use to host the application and I have satisfied users.

R. Martin

R. Martin

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We are by your side every step of the way


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