Eldernode criteria for location

The technical team and administrator of ElderNode Network consider different criteria for providing locations in order to provide the best quality and services.
The most important criterion is the requests of users, along with the quality of the data center providing the service, the quality of the Internet and the internal network of the data center, the quality and communication of the lines of a city or destination country, the cost of providing services, etc. Therefore, our team tries to provide locations for dedicated and virtual server services that can have the best quality and performance, so that users can enjoy the services.


How to choose the right location

The best location should be chosen by users according to the type of use and their customers. All locations have the same quality and we always try to increase the quality. But a user must consider in what geographical area his service has the most users or what service he is going to use. If you do not have enough information about choosing a location, you can contact our consultants for free through online chat or ticket to introduce the best location to you.


High-speed and quality connection

The closer the location of the virtual server or dedicated server to the user, the better the speed and quality of communication. For example, a user living in the United States will have a better speed in relation to servers located in the United States than a user living in Asia, and this has nothing to do with the quality of the server, but the long-distance between the user and the server that affects. Of course, this point is important when the user has the server for personal use, such as Internet surfing, installation of applications, etc., 
If you are in doubt about choosing your service location, you can share your terms and conditions of use with our consultants by online chat or by sending a ticket, so that they can fully guide you.


Eldernode Servers Locations FAQ

No, all servers in different locations have the same quality and performance.

This question depends on a number of factors, including the geographical location of the users who use it, but if you want to provide global hosting services, you can use European or American servers that have the best communication lines.

Choosing the best location is different for each user, but things like the distance from the user to the server, the type of service and the customers who use the server, etc. are very important. If you need, you can mention your terms and type of use with our consultants through online chat or sending tickets, so that our experts can offer you the most correct location for your needs.

All virtual servers have the same quality in each location, and it is important to consider the location closest to your broker server to better communicate with it. Of course, the distance between the virtual server location and yourself is very important.

Yes, if you need a virtual server or dedicated server that is not available in the mentioned locations, you can send your request to the sales department so that if possible, your server will be provided in the desired location.

All locations use the same speed and the same quality, and the best choice for you will be the distance between you or your users and the server.

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