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USA dedicated servers are located in the top data centers in the country and are located in New York City, Dallas, Buffalo, Los Angeles. Existing datacenters with USA dedicated servers use green energy and have a full liquid cooling system. Also, all data centers in the United States have a powerful power backup system that meets the needs of your dedicated server forever. Buy USA dedicated server, you can set up your own virtualization servers, dedicated hosting, or dedicated services on them and provide services to all your users through the powerful network of these data centers. All data centers in the USA have a powerful DDOS firewall system and will protect you from possible attacks.

PlansCPURAMStoragePortBandwidthNumber of IPMonthlyGet Now
ELDMU-B1Intel E3-1240 V2 ( 4 x 3.4 GHz)8 GB500 GB SSD1Gbps20 TB5 Free IPs89 $Order
ELDMU-B2Intel E3-1240 V2 ( 4 x 3.4 GHz)16 GB500 GB SSD1 Gbps20 TB5 Free IPs99 $Order
ELDMU-B3Intel E3-1240 V3 (4 x 3.4 GHz)32 GB500 GB SSD1 Gbps20 TB5 Free IPs109 $Order
ELDMU-A1Intel E3-1241 V3 (4 x 3.5 GHz)16 GB1 TB SSD1 Gbps20 TB5 Free IPs130 $Order
ELDMU-A2Intel E3-1270 V3 (4 x 3.5 GHz)32 GB2x 1 TB SSD1 Gbps20 TB5 Free IPs133 $Order
ELDMU-A3Intel E3-1240 V5 (4 x 3.5 GHz)64 GB500 GB SSD1 Gbps20 TB5 Free IPs151 $Order
ELDMU-E12x Intel E5-2650 V1 (16 x 2.0 GHz)64 GB500 GB SSD1 Gbps20 TB5 Free IPs180 $Order
ELDMU-E22x Intel E5-2640 V2 (16 x 2.0 GHz)128 GB2x 500 GB SSD1 Gbps20 TB5 Free IPs238 $Order
ELDMU-E32x Intel E5-2640 V2 (16 x 2.0 GHz)128 GB2x 500 GB SSD1 Gbps20 TB5 Free IPs274 $Order
ELDMU-E42x Intel E5-2620 V4 (16 x 2.1 GHz)128 GB2x 500 GB SSD1 Gbps20 TB5 Free IPs418 $Order

Buy USA Dedicated Server with Bitcoin

Buy Cheap USA Dedicated Server is one of the most popular services offered in Eldernode.

Dedicated server  is a powerful and functional service for websites, large companies and public and private organizations that have high security and stability for their information and do not want to use shared services. In the USA dedicated server, completely dedicated resources, benefiting from very high monthly traffic, extensive hosting space, control and access to the dedicated server are the features of the USA dedicated servers. Also, It is also possible to provide servers on Raid in all Locations.

which we for the convenience of our users, we have always tried to provide it in the fastest possible delivery time and with a different configuration and quality. You can buy a cheap dedicated USA server through various Bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum, and …

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Cheap USA Dedicated Server

Eldernode is one of the largest companies providing virtual server and dedicated server services that offers all its products to all people of the world with the best quality and reasonable prices. All users can pay with through Perfect Money or PayPal. All our efforts are to provide our services to users in the best and simplest way possible.

FAQ About USA Dedicated Server

ElderNode USA Dedicated Servers are located in Dallas, New York, Buffalo, and Los Angeles.

After completing the order and payment steps, your server will be registered by us and will be delivered to you within 3 to 4 working days.

Support is available 24 hours a day and your requests will be processed as soon as possible.

We offer CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, VMware ESXi Hypervisor and etc...

Eldernode will quickly replace any failed server component as quickly as we can.

USA Dedicated Server Customer Review

I have been using US dedicated servers for a long time and during this time I can say that it has been one of the best experiences of my work with a dedicated server and I have always been completely satisfied with its quality.

Tom Verdy

Tom Verdy

service support has been important to me, and I can name Eldernode one of the best service providers in terms of support. A variety of services along with regular and practical support is one of the most important things that Eldernode has provided for me

Jessica Lewis

Jessica Lewis

The speed of support and service delivery is one of the most important points that has been important to me and I can say that during the 1 year that I have received various services from Eldernode, it is always satisfactory.

Sam Lopez

Sam Lopez

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We are by your side every step of the way


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