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Dedicated server are a good service for websites and organizations that require high security in addition to requirements such as high speed, excellent uptime, good bandwidth, and high availability to install any software or modify it.

Instant Dedicated Server with Bitcoin

Buy dedicated server in addition to large sites and organizations is also a good choice for web developers and applications, as they have no restrictions on software installation and changes. Dedicated server prices also vary with the operating system, geographic location, and resources.

Why buy dedicated server?

As you know, the most important part of e-business or website is its information. As users of a site or business grow, Many resources are needed to process user requests. These resources include CPU, RAM, HDD, and network traffic. When the website is running on shared hosting or shared virtual server And the request is high on the server And The server is facing a shortage of resources, in this case, the data must be transfer on the dedicated server.

Virtualization on a dedicated server

On dedicated servers due to the possibility of using the full power of the hardware, you can split your server with virtualizers into multiple operating systems and multiple users And assign each VM or virtual server to a separate task that Each of them can have separate operating systems.

The dedicated servers offered at Eldernode are configuring and by the most professional networking experts so you can safely order.

Available locations Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server France

Anti DDoS free hardware up to 90 GB for all servers, unlimited bandwidth, and excellent access speeds are some of the highlights of France servers.

View Plans Starts $49.99
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