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5 Reasons Why Business Should Consider Using RDP Hosting

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5 Reasons Why Business Should Consider Using RDP Hosting

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol, a protocol or standard for using a remote computer. Remote communication software can use different protocols such as RDP, ICA and VNC, but RDP is generally more widely using than the rest of the mentioned cases. Although the RDP protocol was initially released by Microsoft and is available on almost all Windows operating systems, it is now also used on Mac operating systems. In this article, we try to mention 5 Reasons Why Business Should Consider Using RDP Hosting. It should note that if you want to buy RDP hosting, you can visit the plans provided on Eldernode website.

Why Business Should Consider Using RDP?

In the continuation of this article, we will first have a definition of RDP hosting. Then we will explain to you the reasons for Using RDP Hosting in your business. These reasons are: Enhanced Security, Scalable Resources, Accessibility and Greater flexibility.

What is RDP Hosting?

Remote Desktop is the ability to connect and use a remote desktop by another computer. In this case, users have the possibility to access the desktop, open and make changes in files and use the programs installed on the remote system, as if they are really sitting in front of that computer.

One of the advantages of using RDP Hosting is not needing to use VPN. Also, in comparison with cloud services, information is storing in the user’s system, which brings higher security to preserve information. RDP Hosting and its implementation tool provide the possibility of working remotely and using the hardware and software facilities of a computer that is not physically accessible.

Enhanced Security

The risk of cyber attacks by hackers is very likely for all businesses. It is predicting that by 2024, business losses due to server security flaws in Internet businesses will exceed $5 trillion. A breach in server security not only affects an organization’s financial situation, but can also lead to long-term and even permanent damage to a business’s reputation. As hackers discover more sophisticated ways to attack servers every day, it’s important that you stay up-to-date on security and block all areas of intrusion. You can provide security in your business to a great extent by using RDP Hosting.

enhanced security in rdp hosting

Scalable Resources

Server scalability means the ability of a system to manage the increase in traffic of users of a website, without users noticing any changes in the system. At the same time, the quality of the user experience (UX) of the website should also be maintained.

In order to achieve scalability, the Distributed Systems method was introduced. Using this method, for example, when the number of visitors increases by 10 times, the resources of the system should also be increased by 10 times, and this should be done in such a way that the users do not notice the multiplicity of systems from the outside. In fact, in distributed systems, it appears that only one server responds to user requests.

scalability of rdp hosting

The RDP Hosting services offered on the Eldernode website have scalable resources. Therefore, you can easily send your request to the support unit whenever you want through a ticket.


Another important point that can show the necessity of using RDP Hosting service is the accessibility of this server. RDP Hosting can be easily accessed through all devices, including mobile phones, computers, laptops, etc. Also, users can access RDP Hosting from all over the world.

accessability of rdp hosting

Greater flexibility

Certainly, if you’re given a device that you can’t customize to your own needs. In other word,  you won’t have any say in the details. This issue is outdated in the age of communication and digital, because customers want to be able to configure and choose their devices to some extent.

Flexibility feature in servers can mean the changing needs of your business. So you will be able to upgrade your server if needed. Therefore, flexibility in choosing server hardware components is an integral requirement of today’s systems.

The RDP Hosting services offered at Eldernode are more flexible. So you can apply all the settings and configurations you need easily.


In a world where the number of hosting and cloud services is added every day, it is very important to know why you should use RDP Hosting in your business. In this article, we tried to teach you 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Using RDP Hosting. If you have any question, you can ask us in live chat or ticket section.

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