Security measures to protect the server

Security measures to protect the server

Security measures to protect the server, Often your main concern is installing and running your programs when its preparing your infrastructure. If you try to set up your software properly without the security needs of your infrastructure, it can have devastating consequences.

Security measures to protect the server

Some basic security tips:

Secure your site and servers with monitoring :

1) Remove unwanted services : Unwanted services require maintenance in addition to consuming your resources. Deleting these services while reducing resource consumption will create less risk for you.

2) Setup Firewall : Properly configuring the firewall to suit your software contributes greatly to reducing resource consumption and increasing the security of your services by blocking unwanted visitors.

3) Deal with DoS attacks

4) Development of access levels : Creating the structure of access levels to your site and server by members of your organization is one of the most important ways to prevent information leaks if their accounts are hacked.

5) Install security updates : Security and operational services are one of the most important security solutions. Installing these items by our experts will ensure that your server is always up to date and not compromised.

6) Monitor & Audit

7) Two-step authentication: Two-step verification is the ultimate solution to prevent data theft from entering your employees.

8) Black List : Taking advantage of existing blacklists removes the risks and problems they pose to email and web services before attempting to connect.

9) Security certificate : Installing a security certificate for your active services is the main way to prevent information theft.

We hope you enjoy the brief description of server security.


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