What is putty and what does it do?

What is putty and what does it do?

Putty is a software for connecting to a Linux server, with this software you can access your Linux server. This software also supports Telnet and Rlogin protocols. You need to download and install this software to connect to your Linux server. PuTTY is used instead of the default Linux systems.

Reasons to use:

  • 1) Familiarity: Users are more comfortable using an SSH client that they are familiar with when using Windows.
  • 2) Debugging mode: Connecting raw sockets to PuTTY is more user-friendly.
  • 3) Convenience: Has a graphical user interface (GUI) that makes it easier to use, especially by SSH or newcomers.

PuTTY uses the default official database available in most Linux distributions for install. For example, you can install PuTTY on Ubuntu and its related distributions on the universal database.

The primary goal of this program was to create a multi-platform program that could run on most operating systems.

And it can be used as an xterm terminal in most destinations. Most features, such as port transfer and public keys, are accessible via the command-line options.

The PuTTY program has some special benefits, especially when working remotely. It’s easier and more durable to configure. And to connect remotely, it connects after a short pause.

Learn how to use Putty software to connect to the Linux server:

  • 1) First, open.
  • 2) Then enter the IP or domain name of the desired server in the field specified in the image below.
  • 3) After entering the Linux terminal environment, it will return to you.
  • 4) Enter your username first.

Note that the Linux username is generally root.

  • 5) After entering your username, enter your password.
  • 6) you can use your server via Linux commands once logged in.

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